Hatiku Adventures & Dancing Wind

Hatiku & Dancing Wind team were created and brought together

by a desire to build and manage the best liveaboard in Indonesia, they brought their combined experience and passions to bear on the project, to choose the finest wood and design the perfect boat, conceiving an ideal itinerary to answer the needs of many divers seeking new experiences in Indonesian waters.


Explore Indonesia

Indonesia, a nation of islands and the world’s largest archipelago, famous for its culture, diversity and natural beauty, above and below the water. Right in the middle of the Coral Triangle, recognized as the global centre of marine biodiversity, Indonesia offers the diver untold wonders, stunning, healthy reefs, unparalleled fish life, both pelagic and macro, and with more than enough critters to keep every muck diver happy for life. The Hatiku’s itinerary visits the two diving Mecca’s of Indonesia, Komodo and Raja Ampat, both are world famous as some of the best, if not the best, diving to be found anywhere on the planet.